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Pawprints Pethouse Suites
Pawprints Pethouse Suites

Pawprints Kennels new pethouse dog hotel type suites in Bury Lancashire - Corridor

Pethouse suites - Interior
Pethouse suites - Interior

Pawprints Kennels new pethouse dog hotel type suites in Bury Lancashire - Inside the suites

Pethouse suites - TVs
Pethouse suites - TVs

Pawprints Kennels new pethouse dog hotel type suites in Bury Lancashire - Inside the suites with TVs

Pawprints Pethouse Suites
Pawprints Pethouse Suites

Pawprints Kennels new pethouse dog hotel type suites in Bury Lancashire - Corridor


Our new Pethouse suites launched in July 2017. every decision made in these state-of-the-art boarding kennels have been made with dogs in mind. From the single corridor to help reduce the amount of noise inside the building to the colour of the floor in the exercise areas to encourage the dogs to toilet outside.  

Entertainment system

Each of our Pethouse suites come with a TV and music system which has dedicated dog programming to help give a balance or stimulation and relaxation throughout the day. 


All of our kennels are heated the pethouse suites are all have individual thermostats fitted to each suite. this allows us to tailor the temperature of each suite to suit the dogs need as we know not all dogs like to have the same temperature. All the heaters in the suites are infrared heaters to ensure there is always a warm spot in the room even when the hatches are left open. We chose infrared heaters as these also come with health benefits for the dogs staying with us. Infrared has been proven to help with the following: inflammation, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, blood flow and circulation & weight loss amongst other things. 

Exercise Runs 

The Exercise runs have been designed so that no dogs are able to see each other whilst in their run. This helps reduce the amount of noise and also helps any dogs that might be timid around other dogs. The floor has a green flake resin finish to resemble grass to help encourage dogs to toilet if they need to. All of the runs are fully enclosed so that dogs will not get wet if it rains.


The building holding the penthouse suites has been purposely designed to reduce noise and help relaxation during your dogs stay. Having a single corridor helps reduce the amount of barking and the glass fronts also help keep any noise in the block down to a minimum to give our guests the best chance to relax whilst with us. Windows are installed in each suite to bring in more natural light, this along with having the attached exercise run gives your dog the chance to have more sun whilst in their suite.


All dogs that stay at Pawprints get regular exercise in our off lead play paddock. 

360° view - Inside 
360° view - Outside 

Standard Kennels

Our Kennels were built with comfort in mind, each kennel is individually heated and spacious to allow your pet chance to relax or stretch their legs if they wish.


Each stay in our kennels includes:


  • Access to the Kennel & Run

  • Heating


  • Food is provided


  • Daily exercise in our Play Paddock


  • Trampoline style bed

Standard Kennel - Inside
Standard Kennel - Inside

Standard Kennel - Outside Run
Standard Kennel - Outside Run

Standard Kennel - Inside
Standard Kennel - Inside


Play Paddock

We believe a well exercised and stimulated dog is a happy dog. With this in mind we created a Play Paddock for all our guests to use whilst they are staying with us.


We aim to get all guests out in the paddock once a day (weather dependant). All guests are supervised whilst in the paddock.


All guests are brought out seperately to have some 1 on 1 time. We do not mix dogs from different families in the Play Paddock.


We do not provide walks for your dogs as they go out in the paddock as often as they can and we believe that play time is more stimulating to your dog than a short walk restricted on a lead.


Check out our Gallery of some of our guests enjoying time out in our Play Paddock.

Want your dog to have the chance to mix with other dogs whilst they stay with us? We offer a service called Yappy Hour, a few times a week we mix dogs from different families in our play paddock.


All dogs that take part in Yappy hour will be temperament tested to ensure they get on well with other dogs prior to taking part in the sessions.


We recommend that your dog have the kennel cough vaccine if you'd like you dog to take part in these sessions as they will have more close contact with other dogs during this time. 

These sessions last for an hour and can either replace your dog individual session on the day or if you would prefer you can add this as an additional exercise session at a small cost.


2019 Prices

Pethouse Suite


  • 1 Dog - £25.00 per day

  • 2 Dogs Sharing - £42.00 per day

  • 3 Dogs sharing - £50.00 per day


Standard Kennel


  • 1 Dog - £20.00 per day

  • 2 Dogs Sharing - £35.00 per day

  • 3 Dogs sharing - £42.00 per day








50% Deposit is required to secure any booking - Payable via phone, bank transfer or in person at the time of booking

Deposits are refundable up to 21 days prior to first day of the boarding - after this date the deposit is non-refundable

Any reduction in days boarding requested within 21 days of the arrival date will be charged for.

£10 per dog per day surcharge on Christmas day, Boxing day & New Years day.

During peak times minimum stay applies:

7 Day Minimum - Easter, Late July - August, Xmas Period

4 Day Minimum - February Half Term, May Bank Holidays, June, Early July, September, October Half Term

Please be aware that we do not accept Akitas for boarding in our kennels

What do I need to Pack?


​Click here to check out our guide on what to pack for your dog before coming into our kennels.

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