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Dog DNA - Find out your dogs breed

Have you ever wondered what breed (or breeds) your dog actually is?

For those that have a penchant for the Heinz 57, the quirky dog that's not quite pure breed, their origins can often be somewhat of a curiosity. Here at Pawprints we have a fantastic opportunity to help you find out if your beloved four-legged friend is part Afghan or Airedale, Saluki or Shih Tzu (or maybe a combination of all four!). Now that would be interesting........

Be the first to find out more about your prize pooch with a free dog DNA test from Pawprints Kennels.

Dogs are our passion, and we'd like to offer one lucky winner the opportunity to find out exactly what breed (or breeds) your furry friend is. A great opportunity to understand their little foibles and personality - those unusual antics could all be down to their breed!

Many of the dogs that come to stay with us are cross breeds and we have regular conversations with people about the genetic make-up and breed mix they actually are. This got us thinking... is there a way to find out?

Of course there is!

We are really excited to share with you an amazing product we have been able to get our hands on from our friends at Wisdom Panel. Wisdom Panel are one of the worlds leading companies in the world of dog DNA testing.

Wisdom panel have a team of super scientists who analyse dog DNA to distinguish between different dog breeds. Their researchers have developed signatures (patterns) specific to each breed, meaning they can tell you what breeds your dog is made from. 

Want to know more here a video to explain how they do it:

So, we have a DNA test all we need is a dog...

Herb - 1/2 Dog, 1/2 Kangaroo

Let me introduce Herb. Herb is part of the family here at Pawprints. Brogan, one of our kennel assistants adopted him from Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in August this year. Ever since that day we have all wondered what he is a cross between. Now, with the help from Wisdom Panel, we're going to find out!

A few weeks ago, we reached out to Wisdom panel to explain we had a part dog/part kangaroo and we needed to get to the bottom of it! They were brilliant and offered to send us not one, but two DNA sample tests. One for Herb, and one to give away to one of our valued customers.

We will be sharing the results of Herbs test tomorrow night at 7pm along with details on how you can win your own DNA test for your dog to put under the Xmas tree this year. What a Christmas Present you can win.

We will also be sharing more details on the Wisdom Panel kit along with a walkthrough on how to complete the DNA test in the coming days

We want to get your feedback on what you think the outcome of Herb's test will be.

Let us know in the comments what you think Herbs results will come back with.

If you would like to purchase a DNA test via our friends at Wisdom Panel please use the following link: There's currently 18% off the price (correct as of 19/12/2018)