The Results!! - Dog DNA test

Yesterday we shared with you the story of Herb, if you haven’t seen it check it out HERE, We sent his DNA swabs off to Wisdom Panel a week ago and have now received his results back! Brogan hasn't been able to hide her excitement as she has been wanting to know what he is since the moment she brought him back from Bleakholt.

We gathered up all the staff as we have all been eager to find out the results. We all wrote down in an envelope what we thought the results would say so we could see who was the closest.

  • Brogan - Staffy, Boxer, Akita

  • Gaz - Staffy, Akita

  • Anj - Staffy, Boxer, Mastiff

  • Cassie -Staffy, Mastiff, Akita 

  • Freyja - Staffy, Boxer, Akita

  • Belinda - Staffy, Boxer 

Firstly, before we go into the details we want to quickly mention the experience we have had using the Wisdom Panel kit. They have kept us updated throughout the journey from the test arriving in the post all the way to getting the results back. At any time we were able to log into their website and find out exactly where Herbs DNA was and when the report was ready which we thought was a nice little touch.

We never wondered if the sample had been lost or if anything else had happened as all the information was there on the website.

So... The Results!!

The report consisted of 4 sections, each giving details about Herb and his DNA results.

  • Breed breakdown by percentage

  • Family Tree

  • Multidrug sensitivity

  • Ideal Weight

1. Breed Breakdown

As we all expected the majority of Herbs DNA is Staffordshire Bull Terrier with 75% of his ancestry coming from this breed. But then came the big surprise! 12.5% of Herbert is Bull Terrier!! This shocked us all. Mainly due to the bull terriers most defining feature, their nose. This becomes more understandable when we take a look at his family tree which we will talk about later in the article.

I think its safe to say it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Herb has some staff in him. Not sure that we expected to see as much as 75% though. A lot of us expected to see 50% and then the rest made up of other breeds so maybe he was a little bit more staffy than we expected.

Herb definitely doesn't have the bull terrier nose however his looking at his body shape you can see similarities with the bull terrier breed.

The DNA tests that is available today allow us to see back up to 3 generations in a dogs blood line. Anything past 3 generations is difficult to narrow down to a specific breed. What Wisdom Panel are able to do is to predict a group of dogs that is in your dogs bloodline but as these genetic markers are from many generations they can not narrow it down further.

Herbs report came back to show he had 2 other breed types in his DNA - Guard & Asian.

Looking at the list of breeds we have highlighted dogs that we believe could be in his DNA.

2. Family Tree

This is where things get a little clearer. The family tree section allows you to look back over 3 generations to see where the different breeds have come into your dogs family tree.

Looking at Herbs parents it shows that both parents were cross breed, with one side of the family having traces of Bullterrier & the other side having traces of Asian & Guard group type breeds.

The reason Wisdom Panel is able to narrow down the Bull Terrier breed on the left hand side is that the great grandparent was a pure breed Bull Terrier. Where as on the right hand side the breed groups mentioned appear to be from more than 3 generations back so can only be narrowed down to the breed group.

3 & 4. Multidrug Sensitivity & Ideal Weight

The last few sections on the report are a nice extra. During the DNA testing Wisdom Panel check your dog for the MDR1 mutation. This basically means that they check your dog to see if they are sensitive to certain drugs that could become harmful to them if taken.

Wisdom Panel explain it as:

Thankfully Herb has come back clear.

The Last section is your dogs ideal weight. Knowing what a dogs weight should be without even looking at them just amazes me. We were shocked to find out that they can get this just from a swab that was taken from Herbs mouth.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...The GIVEAWAY

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Herb - 75% Staffy, 12.5% Bull Terrier & 12.5% Asian/Guard breeds, 0% Kangaroo