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We're closing the Paddock at the end of the month

It's getting to that time of year again when the leaves fall off the trees and the rain starts to make our paddock muddy due to the amount it's being used. We have taken the decision to close the paddock until early next year.

We understand what the paddock means to people and how much people love using it but we have taken the same approach as last year by closing the paddock for the winter. In previous years keeping the paddock open has caused the ground to be very slippery when it had rained and the ground did not recover until late in the year. As we don't have a hot water supply near the paddock we are unable to supply an area to remove any mud off your dog before getting back into your car. 

The last day the paddock will be open is 31st of October and we have reduced the hours of operation until this date due to losing sunlight earlier in the day.

We will keep you posted when we are due to re-open the paddock next year, Earlier this year we re-opened the paddock at the beginning of April. If the weather at the beginning of next year is better we will look to open the paddock earlier.


Anjuli & Gaz

Did you know that our kennels were voted the best kennels in the UK in 2018 by DogFriendly and are now in the final two in the Kennels and Home boarding category for 2019.

The winner of the category will be announced on the 2nd of November.

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