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Terms & Conditions of Boarding

Health & Wellbeing

1.Your dog can only be accepted for boarding if it is in good health and you are able to produce a certificate confirming your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date. No dog can be accepted for boarding unless it has been vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvo virus (annual booster). Primary vaccination courses must be completed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding (may be longer depending on the manufacturer of the vaccine). We recommend your dog(s) has the kennel cough vaccine, however this is at the owner’s discretion, if you decide to have the kennel cough vaccine this must be administered a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding (may be longer depending on the manufacturer of the vaccine). Should the dog contract kennel cough whilst boarded, Pawprints Kennels cannot be held liable. 

2.Whilst every possible attention is given to each dog boarded with us, it is boarded entirely at the owners’ risk, as are dogs sharing accommodation. Should we feel the need to separate them in the interests of the dogs’ own safety, a relevant charge for extra accommodation will be levied. If one of your dogs is injured by its kennel mate during their stay Pawprints Kennels cannot be held liable and any veterinary fees resulting from the injury must be paid by the owner. A fee for transportation to the vets will be levied. 

3.Any current, pre-existing and ongoing problems with a dog’s health or temperament must be notified to us at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse any dog that we consider to be of an unreliable temperament, or sick at the time of boarding. Any dog which shows signs of aggression whilst kennelled will only have access to their attached exercise area and will be unable to go outside of the kennel during their stay to ensure the safety of our staff if we agree that the dog can remain in our care. We may ask for your dog to be collected early if we feel there is a safety risk to our staff or other dogs within our care. 

4.Should it be necessary, for your dog to be seen by a vet for any pre-existing health conditions, all veterinary fees incurred are the responsibility of the owner and must be paid at the time or on collection of the dog (to be decided by Pawprints Kennels) and a fee for transportation to the vets may be levied. Any required veterinary treatment will be carried out by our designated vet (Armac Veterinary Group) and may not be from your dogs’ usual veterinary practice. All dogs should have been treated for worms and fleas recently. On arrival, should any dog require treatment for internal and external parasites (fleas, worms, etc.) then a charge will be levied for this and/or your dog may be refused boarding. In the event we need to take your dog to the vets you give your consent for us to share your personal information you have given to us with the vets. You also give your consent for us to access your dogs medical records from your usually veterinary surgery on your behalf. If you are unable to be contacted and an emergency decision needs to be made relating to medical treatment for your dog you give consent for Pawprints to make that decision on your behalf and any consequences of that decision Pawprints can not be held liable for. If we are required to administer medication prescribed from the vet, you give your consent for us to do this. 

Fees & Charges

5.Fees will be charged at a daily rate; you will be charged for the day of drop off irrespective of the time. On the day of collection if you pick up before 10:30am you will not be charged for that day. After this time an extra day’s fee will be levied. 

6.Any damages caused by your dog whilst staying at Pawprints Kennels will be added to the bill upon collection or a separate invoice will be sent if we have yet to fix the damage and are awaiting costs.All costs will need to be paid by the owner prior to the dog’s departure or as soon as the cost can be determined. 

7.Should your dog be collected before the booked departure date/arrive after their scheduled arrival day the full length of booking will still be charged. Payment is required in full upon collection.


8.Please note all dogs are insured whilst in our care EXCLUDING veterinary fees and/or death in connection with any condition that exist prior to boarding, or the cost of cremation. 

9. Deposits are refundable up to 60 days prior to first day of the boarding - after this date the deposit is non-refundable. Any reduction in days boarding requested within 60 days of the arrival date will be charged for. All refunds processed will be subject to a £10 cancellation fee

During peak times minimum stay applies:

7 Day Minimum - February, May & October Half Terms, Easter, Late July - September, Xmas Period

4 Day Minimum - Early may bank Holiday, June, Early July

2 Day Minimum - All other dates

Failure to collect

10.We reserve the right to rehome dogs not collected within 7 days of the stated departure date if there is no communication from the owners or guardian and if all efforts to contact the owner and emergency contact fail. Any dog which is not collected on the specified departure date may be temporarily housed in a different location and further fees will be levied. 


11. Any possessions left during the dogs stay will be at the risk of the owner and Pawprints Kennels is not liable for any damage/loss of the possessions during the stay. 


12. The owner consents to Pawprints Kennels using photos taken of their dog during their stay to be used on their websites & social media platforms for advertising purposes. All images are subject to copyright and are owned by Pawprints Kennels and must not be re-used by you for business purposes. 

All information provided to us is stored by Pawprints Kennels for a minimum of 3 years. You have a right to request for this information to be deleted from our systems however this can only be done once your dog has ended their stay. If you request for this data to be deleted prior to the end of your dog’s stay we will be unable to accept them for boarding. 

Terms & Conditions of Yappy Hour

I understand that attendance by my dog at Pawprints Kennels during their “Yappy hour” sessions involves group play with other dogs. Although Pawprint’s team will closely supervise all pets and a mandatory temperament test for new comers will be provided, I accept that play behaviour, unknown or undocumented aggression, or routine daily activities can lead to altercations and injuries. I assume the risks of and responsibility for the cost to treat any injuries my dog sustains while playing at Pawprints Kennels. I further understand and accept that Pawprints Kennels and owners will not be held liable for any injuries or deaths related to my dog’s participation in these sessions.

Dogs in our care must not exhibit any aggressive behaviour for any reason. Any dog exhibiting undesirable behaviour will not be able to participate in our Yappy Hours sessions and if any signs are shown during the session your dog will be safely removed from the session and will not be allowed re-admission until such behaviour has been modified. We reserve the right to exclude dogs from our Yappy hours that pose a potential risk to the safety of our dogs and staff, or if your dog is unhappy during the session.

I have read this consent and understand that some risk always exists when groups of dogs can intermingle. I have discussed my concerns about such risks with Pawprints Kennels team members and have had my questions answered to my satisfaction.


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