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Our Kennel Experience

Running a kennels for so long sometimes we forget that not everyone understands the process when you want to board your dog, every kennels is different & we want to help put your mind at rest by explaining how we look after your loved one whilst in our care.


When you have done some research and decided that you want to book your dog in with us its time to get in touch by phone or email. We’ll ask you questions like: 


What dates would you like to book? - During the school holidays we recommend booking at least 8 months in advance to ensure that we have availability as these dates are extremely popular.


How many dogs would you like to book in? - If you have two or more dogs and they get on well at home we recommend housing them in the same kennel, a discount will be applied to your booking for this. It is possible to kennel them separately, subject to kennel availability, however no discount will be applied.


What breed is your dog? - This will help us work out the cost of your booking and allow us to prepare the kennel correctly so your dog can settle straight in once they arrive.


Has your dog had its annual booster? - All kennels are required to keep a copy of all vaccination details for dogs that are staying in their care. If you have a puppy they need to have had both parts of their vaccination before they are able to stay with us. If your dog is being vaccinated for kennel cough this must be administered a minimum of 14 days prior to their arrival with us, it is a live vaccine and this is the length of time required for it to be effective.


Does your dog have any special requirements? - If your dog has any medication or special dietary requirements this is the perfect time to let us know and we can discuss how we can accommodate these whilst your dog is with us


What time will you be dropping off & collecting your dog? - Our opening times are 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm. We ask that you try to drop your dog off in the afternoon and to collect your dog in the morning. This gives us time to set the kennel up for any dogs that are due in on the same day that you collect your dog. Don’t worry if you are unable to do this just let us know when you book.

Affordable Dog Boarding Kennels
Drop off


When you arrive to drop off your dog we will ask you if you have filled out the booking form sent via email 5 days before your arrival date. 

This will help us ensure we have all the information we need whilst your dog is in our care and gives us chance to ask the questions that will help us make their stay as comfortable and fun as possible.


After we have done this we will take your dog to their room, your dog will have their own room, we do not mix any dogs that are not from the same family.


Forgotten anything? - Don’t worry, the only thing we need to have is your dogs vaccination… along with your dog of course! We have a wide range of dog beds, toys and treats if you would like to purchase anything for your dog whilst they are with us.

Affordable Dog Boarding Kennels
Your dogs stay

A typical day boarding with us will start at around 9:00am, this is when we open the hatches to the individually attached runs for your dog to stretch their legs and allow them more room to exercise. This is also the time that we will give them their breakfast. The runs will remain available to your dog until around 10pm. We try to keep the hatches open for as long as possible, if the weather is bad we may close the hatches early to ensure the kennels do not get too cold.


We try to get your dogs out as much as we possibly can. As you can see from all our photos we love to get them out and get some photos of them fully enjoying the play paddock. The amount of play sessions each day will depend on the number of dogs we have in at the time and is weather dependant. All of our runs in our suites are fully covered and our standard kennels are half covered, if it is raining your dog still has an outdoor area where they can remain dry. We generally do their evening feed around 5pm.

Affordable Dog Boarding Kennels

So, its time to come and collect your dog, when you arrive we will firstly take payment from you for your dogs stay, we accept cash or card whichever is easier for you, sorry we don't accept cheques. Once the painful part has been done we can go and get your dog!


We have a pet shop on site so if you want any food, bedding, treats or toys to take home for your dog please feel free to take a look around.


Can my pet bring their own bed/toys/treats?

Yes, we think it is a good idea to bring in something that smells of home for your dogs stay. If your dog has any special toys or treats then by all means bring them in. We provide trampoline style beds and bowls. We can not be held responsible for any loss or damage to items left in the kennel during your dogs stay.


What Exercise will my dog get?

The dogs get taken out in the play paddock wither individually for 20 minutes per day or for 1 hour a day in our happy hour sessions. We like to have a fairly strict routine to the day as this keeps the dogs calmer and happier. New dogs very soon get into the routine and our regulars just settle straight back in.


Will you take my bitch in season?

Yes, all of our kennels are cut off from each other and we will ensure she is kept away from our male boarders.


Can I call to get an update on how my dog is settling in?

We are always happy to give you an update on how your dog is doing whilst with us - just give us a call during our opening times


Do you mix dogs from different families in the kennels?

Not in their rooms, each dog has their own kennel & run (with their bed, water bowl and food) and are not mixed when exercised in the play paddock unless they are signed up for our Yappy Hour service. We will allow dogs from the same family to share a kennel and can be in the play paddock at the same time. 


Is my dog insured during their stay?

All dogs that stay with us are covered by our insurance, this is included in the price of their stay. Please note our insurance does not cover pre-diagnosed/on-going illness or injuries caused from a kennel mate.


What & when do you feed?

We attempt to feed your dog at the same time that you would feed at home so if you feed once, twice or three times a day that is what we will do. If your dog is on a special diet you can bring their food and we will feed this instead, please let us know at the time of booking. 


What vaccinations do we require?

Before we can accept your dog for boarding, we need to see evidence of up-to-date Vaccinations. these will be found on your dogs vaccination card that you get from your Vets


All pets must have been innoculated as follows:


  • Annual Booster - Vaccination against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and the Leptospirosis.  

  • Kennel Cough - Vaccination against kennel cough is recommended but optional. Should you choose not to have the kennel cough vaccination we will not be held liable if your dog contracts it during their stay.

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