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Packing List

What to Bring

Vaccination Card

The main item you need to bring with you is your dogs' vaccination card. Without this we are unable to accept your dog for boarding. If you have misplaced your vaccination card your vet should be able to provide you with a duplicate copy. Please contact your vet for further information. 

We do not require the canine influenza (kennel cough) vaccination unless your dog is taking part in yappy hour but do recommend having it. If you decide to have this done please be aware that we can not accept a dog if they have had this in the 2 weeks prior to boarding. Any dog that has had the vaccine within the 2 weeks will be refused entry into the kennels.

Once we have updated your vaccination details onto our system we will not need to see the card again until your dog has had a new set of vaccinations.


If your dog has any medication please bring it with you when you drop your dog off. All details regarding the medication must be written on our booking form. 

We are able to administer medication between the hours of 8am - 10pm. Please note we do not administer any medication by injection.

A handy idea for dogs that require medication is to purchase a pill box. This ensures all the tablets are given at the correct time and can be organised before your dog comes into the kennels

Please note that all medication must come with the original medication packaging with the veterinary label attached. If you plan to use a pill box please also bring the original packaging.

If you would like to purchase a pill box here is a link to one on Amazon:

Special dietary food

We provide a hypoallergenic complete dry food for all dogs boarding. If your dog has any dietary requirement or you wish for them to remain on their usual food, you must provide this for their stay. 

We have a fridge and a freezer in our kennels kitchen, please make us aware prior to arrival if you need to use these facilities for your dogs food so we can ensure we have enough room to fit it in.

We ask that all food provided by you is split into daily portions. If you would like to purchase some food bags here's a link to them on Amazon:

Dog Bed/Bedding (Optional)

We provide a raised mesh trampoline bed for all dogs that stay with us. Many customers like to bring blankets/bedding to go on top of the beds. If you would prefer to replace our bed with their bed from home you can bring this with you for their stay.

We have a few suggestions for bedding that you can purchase to go on top of our beds. Please click on the images for links to purchase them.

Treats (Optional)

We give all dogs treats throughout the day (unless you don't want us to). Some dogs have set routines with treats when they are at home, if you would like us to continue this whilst your dog is with us please bring treats with you. 

Toys (Optional)

We have toys for all dogs to play with out in our play paddock but we also recommend bringing toys in for your dog to have in their kennel during their stay. Having something that reminds them of home can help them settle in. KONGs can be a great toy to bring with you as we are able to fill it with treats which can take hours for your dog to get. - to purchase a KONG please use the following link:

Booking Form

5 days before your dog is due to come in you will receive an email from us asking you to provide some information about you and your dog (name, address, contact details etc). 

If you would prefer to fill this information out prior to arriving you can fill in your details HERE 

If your dog has stayed with us within the past 12 months we will already have some information on file and the amount of information we will need from you will be less, we will still need you to complete a booking form for each stay as we need to take specific details for that particular stay (Feeding instructions, date of collection etc). This form needs to be completed each time your dog stays with us.

What not to Bring


We have dog bowls in various sizes to hold food and water for all dogs staying with us. To ensure we do not mix your bowls with ours, we ask all customer not to bring dog bowls with you. We also have a range of adjustable bowl stands if required.


We have plenty of leads in our kennels, we ask all leads that are brought with you are taken home rather than left with us during their stay or they will be placed in a box for you when you come to collect your dog.

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