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Breaking Boulders

This week we have been preparing the ground and pouring our first lot of concrete for our new building.

As you can see it wasn't as easy as we were expecting. Those big boulders you see on the picture... they were in the way and had to come out!

The fences to create our secure corridor along the back of the building have started to be put in place and will keep all our dogs safe and prevent any escape artists from showing us their Houdini skills!!

The floor plan has been split into 3 sections, the internal corridor, the kennel areas & the reception/grooming areas.

The floor has to be be split this way as the areas that the dogs are in will fall towards the drains, this helps us when we are cleaning your dogs kennel it does not pool any water and will go straight into the drains. also if your dog goes to the toilet or spills their water whilst we are with other dogs this will not stay in their kennel and be a much cleaner area than if it was flat.

Next week we are installing the drains and we have some exciting news about our new Paddock!!


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