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Pethouse Suites vs Standard Kennels - Whats the difference?

When you come to book a stay with us here at Pawprints one of the first questions you'll be asked is "Would you like a suite or a kennel?"

So we thought we'd take some time to explain the difference between them.

All of our Kennels have individual heaters in them. There are differences between them however. The suites all have individual thermostats meaning we can change the temperature depending on the type of dog staying in them. The standard kennels are controlled by the building so all need to stay the same temperature.

The suites heaters are infrared so even when the hatches are open there will be a warm area inside of the suite.


All of our kennels have areas for them to go outside during the day, we typically open the hatches to the outside area around 8am and close them again around 10pm giving your dog more than enough time throughout the day to go outside. The main difference between the two is the amount of space. the standard kennels have a larger run area as we were limited with the space when building the suites.


Whilst we're mentioning the runs the standard kennel partitions allow dogs to be able to see each other whilst outside as its made up of part breeze block and part metal mesh. The suites partition is higher to prevent dogs from being able to see each other whilst they are in the run. Depending on your dogs personality this could be a key difference in helping you choose the right environment for their stay.


One of the main differences of the 2 different buildings is the layout. The suites are all facing a single corridor and do not have any other dogs facing them. This reduces the amount of noise thats in the building. If you have a dog that is timid or not good around other dogs this would be better for them. The standard kennels face a corridor and another kennel opposite them. If your dog prefers the company of other dogs this may be a better place for them to stay.


All of our suites are fitted with TVs and speakers which play dog related content specifically designed for dogs that are either away from home or left at home for long periods throughout the day. The content switches from relaxation to stimulating content and it really does work!


All of the dogs that stay with us get the same level of care no matter the accommodation they are staying in.

All dogs get to go out in our Play Paddock for play time with a member of the Pawprints staff.

To book an appointment to come and take a look around fill out our form by clicking the link below


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