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Pawprints Kennels Expansion Contruction

Today we are pleased to share some of the exciting developments here at Pawprints Kennels.

Over the past few years we have had great demand for our kennels and have now reached the point where we feel we need to expand the boarding facilities we offer to the many customers in the local area.

We have started the construction on a new building that is next to our current kennels, this building will include 12 new state of the art "penthouse suites" for dogs that stay with us whilst their owners go away.

As well as the new suites we will also have a grooming salon/spa for dogs to relax and look their best before heading home after a long stay.

We will have a purpose built reception area & shop for you to purchase dog toys, treats, food and much more.

The new building will also become a dog photography studio allowing us to expand on our photography business to allow us to have studio photos of your dogs as well as the outdoor photo sessions we currently offer.

We will post a weekly blog to give you more updates on the construction along with details of the new services we will be offering as they become available.


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