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Exciting news... We're growing our team

We have some exciting news to share with you. After recently expanding our business to increase the amount of kennels we have and introducing the new secure paddock. we have now reached a point where we have decided to hire someone to help us out here at Pawprints.

We'd like you all to Welcome Brogan, who joined our team on the 1st of February.

To help you get to know Brogan we have asked her a few questions.

So Brogan... tell us a little about yourself

Brogan: Im currently 18 years old and live in Rawtenstall with my Dad and our staffy Honey. I've recently left my previous Job as a dog grooming assistant. I was in charge of bathing all the dogs that came in to us and also looked after the pet shop. before that I used to volunteer at Bleakholt in my spare time and walked the dogs.

What attracted you to the idea of working for Pawprints

I really liked the look of the website, it had a lot of information and showed the kennels and what they look like. It looked like a really nice place to leave your dog and the welfare of the animals was at the forefront of everything that you do and thats something that im really passionate about.

Do you have any Hobbies?

I like to draw in my spare time, I like seeing my friends but I especially like spending time with my Dog Honey.

Whats your favourite film?

Whats eating gilbert grape... Nobody has ever heard of it.

You mentioned that you have a Staffy called Honey, do you have any other pets?

Yes, I have a Lhasa Apso called Odie, some fish and I just recently lost my syrian hamster

Favourite holiday destination?

I love city breaks but I cant give you an exact place, as I like so many.

PET peeve?

When people don't pick up their dog poo!! For some reason I always seem to be the one that steps in it :(

Do you have a funny story that you can share with us?

I was in townley park walking Honey and came across 3 dogs back to back that were all called Eric! It was mental

I hope you can all take the time to welcome Brogan to our team, no doubt you will be seeing her soon!


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