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Gifts for Girls - Last minute shopping for your dog

Does your pampered pooch deserve to be spoiled this Christmas? Treat them like the princess they are with these girly gift ideas! (If you'd like to purchase or take a look at any of the items just click the pictures!)

Pawsecco Gift Pack with Delicious Truffle Shapes

This gift pack includes pawsecco white a 250ml bottle of white Pawsecco and some carob treats which is a safe alternative to chocolate for dogs. These are the purrfect treats for your four-legged friend making you able to share the Christmas experience of 'cheers' with your beloved dog. It is brewed in Britain and developed with experts and veterinary approved as safe.

Christmas Red Dress for dogs

This red Christmas dress is perfect for a dog that likes to be spoilt by their owner and stand out from the crowd or even match you when you dress up on Christmas Day. The thickness is great to keep the dog warm whilst not making the dog feel restricted and with the Christmas and New Year holiday approaching this is a great gift.