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Gifts for Puppies - Last minute shopping for your dog

Is it your first Christmas with your puppy and you want to spoil them as much as you possibly can? Here are some great gifts ideas to make your puppy’s first Christmas one to remember! (If you'd like to purchase or take a look at any of the items just click the pictures!)

The puppy gift set from All Pet Solutions is the perfect Christmas gift for your new four-legged friend. This set is pink and contains 5 toys; One plush teddy to cuddle, a chew ball to soothe their gums and a set of squeaky toys to get their attention and help burn off some of that puppy energy!

Doggy Puppy Gift Set - Aqua Blue

This puppy gift set from All Pet Solutions is the same as the first one but also comes in blue! Much like the other one the

set contains 5 toys that are a little better suited to him rather than her.

Keep your pet warm this winter with this Pet Snuggle Rug! It is a self heating pet mat which reflects your dogs body heat back to them! Not only does it keep them warm when temperatures drop but it can also be a valuable aid in relieving pain for arthritic pets!

This teething training set contains 7 dog toys that are all made up of non-toxic cotton that is resistant to bites from your puppy. It can also clean dirt in teeth when your puppy is playing. When you go out and have to leave your dog alone at home, these toys can attract your dog's attention so you don't have to worry about them destroying your sofa!

Activity boards are a little different to other dog toys. They are not for chewing, chasing or fetching but they are a puzzle for learning and concentration. Puppies have very active minds and often need more than physical stimulation to stay active. It can take them some time to figure out the puzzle so it keeps them entertained for longer than a lot of other toys!

Can you think of any puppy gifts? Leave a comment on our Facebook post with your ideas!


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