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5 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them This Valentines Day

As Valentines day approaches we want to make sure that you show your dog some "puppy love"

1. Do Something They Love to Do

If your dog's version of the perfect day involves running laps at the dog park, take him! If he loves going on long walks more than anything else, lace up your shoes and get going. Whatever you do, remember it's all about them. Try not to think about that co-worker that's been stealing your lunches or the gift you still need to buy for your brother's birthday. Just relax and enjoy spending time with your pet.

2. Spoil Them with a Special Treat

Puppy Love Dog Treats


These “Puppy Love” Treats are for that furry, special someone in your life, because we can’t forget our pets on Valentine’s Day! These adorable and nutritious dog treats are made with just three ingredients!

You will need...

· About 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

· 3-4 strawberries, sliced

· 2 bananas, sliced


1. Cut the banana slices into hearts by cutting a small triangle out of the top, and then cutting the bottom so it comes to a point. You can round the edges slightly with the knife if you would like.

2. Place the banana hearts on a baking sheet and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

3. Add the strawberries and Greek yogurt to a food processor. Blend until well combined. You can add a tiny splash of water if it seems too thick.

4. Dip the frozen banana hearts into the strawberry yogurt with a fork to coat. Tap off the excess yogurt and place onto the baking sheet again. Freeze for at least 30 minutes.

5. Store the treats in the freezer for when your fur baby needs a special snack!

3. Let Them Pick out a New Toy

Kids love going to the toy store and picking out what they want, and your dog is no different. Give them a chance to explore the store and take their time picking out the perfect toy, or alternatively you can click the following link and pick out a present that is especially suited to valentines day! They'll be so excited to take it home and start playing. We've put a quick list of valentines day gift ideas for you to check out on our Valentines day gift list

4. Arrange a Play Date

Valentine's Day may be all about the love you share for each other, but the more the merrier. If your dog enjoys playing with others of his same species, invite his friends over for a good time.

5. Have a Professional Photo Shoot

Your phone's photo gallery is already full of adorable pictures of your pets, but professional pet portraits are priceless keepsakes. Make it a big deal by taking them to be groomed and pampered beforehand, selfies are okay, but you don't want to miss out on this opportunity. We do photoshoots here at Pawprints in our secure paddock for £25 for your dog(s) during their stay! Go to: for more information.

Credit: Puppy Love recipe - EatingwithEmmyLou


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